Tracking your investments is hard

Whether you have one account or a dozen, Portfolio mobile helps you bring your investments together in one place. Amateur investors and professional money managers alike can visualize profits and gauge investing performance.

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Be broker agnostic

Working with multiple brokerage firms is a reality for many investors. Visualizing investments across accounts requires lots of added work. Don’t re-input your monthly statements into Excel. Let Portfolio mobile aggregate your accounts so you can focus on what’s important.

The breadth of information and easy access is great. Tracking all my portfolios and watchlists exclusively with iOS PM. Supoort is outstanding. Never looked back (and used a lot of other apps before).
I have been using Portfolio Mobile for the iPhone, Ipad and Mac for some time.
It’s Apps are very comprehensive and user friendly for all investor levels and many Exchanges. Great Work!
There isn’t an app that is so comprehensive and easy to use as Portfolio Mobile.

Compare against market indexes

Not all investors have the time to track daily market movements the way they wish they could. Portfolio mobile gives you at-a-glance methods for visually comparing the performance of your investments against market indexes. As a serious investor, you’ll appreciate the ability to see your combined investments as well as create custom position groups to dig into sectors, industries, or any other categories you want. And when it comes time to rebalance there’s nothing handier than a pie chart of your investment distribution.


Stop searching

Locating current market data online can be time consuming. Find it all quickly in clear and concise layouts.